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The assumptions!

Almost all of us can agree to the fact that achieving an ideological, political or even a moral agreement these days is a big ask. To put it mildly, It’s a wild goose chase.

Since the times are polarised, passions reign supreme and emotions precede reasons, being neutral or apolitical is more or less an anomaly.

Also, as our lives are intricately intertwined with the state, and its policies and actions; indifference towards politics is actually a self-defeating exercise perpetuating the deleterious consequences which further exacerbate our lives.

With these assumptions in mind, I expect all of you to engage critically in the political discourse we are about to deconstruct. A dialectical approach would be appreciated. More than being passive readers, I would request you to be active participants.

Further to ally all your fears, this is not a partisan blog to further any specific point of view. If at all it has to be charged for favouritism, I would proudly plead guilty. For it is a favouritism, an inclination for truth, reason and logic.

Hoping to have a fateful and productive journey.

Happy reading!

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