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Humanity and Development- a brief introspection

It is generally said and broadly accepted that humankind is at its best in the entire history when it comes to development and progress. Perhaps, nothing could be truer than this assertion!

  • Today, first time in the entire history, more people die from eating too much than too little.

  • Violence is at all time low. More people are dying because of suicide than terrorism and crime.

  • Human intelligence is at its zenith where less of organic and more of artificial is desired.

  • The world couldn’t be wealthier where the top 1% of the humanity holds about 50% of the wealth.

  • Never in the history have we progressed so far in the area of space exploration. The quest for a habitable planet B has rendered our planet A unworthy of living.

  • The healthcare and well being is at its best where less people are dying of infectious diseases and more people are dying of depression and chronic diseases.

  • Industrial revolution 4.0 has the potential to revolutionise the way we live or die. Humanity appears to be already dead even before it can live.

  • Today’s world couldn’t be more globalised, interconnected and united, yet, humans are being alienated from self.

  • Humans are cherishing more freedom but are everywhere in chains.

It is time that we reconsider, reevaluate, redefine and reorient our understanding on development and humanity.


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